Murder house? More like American Psycho house

Most real estate agents would steer away from revealing anything unsavoury about a property, but a Melbourne agency is going straight for the top in shock tactics: American Psycho.

Rather than a smooth tour of the apartment for sale, set to cooling jazz tones, this video advertisement recreates two of the infamous movie’s scenes: Patrick Bateman’s morning routine, and the slaughter of a drunken coworker.

In the leafy suburb of Glen Iris, a reimagined Patrick Bateman greets us; his morning routine artfully showing off the High Street property.

Instead of Bateman telling us about his puffy face and stomach crunches, we’re introduced to the property for sale.

“My north-facing sub-penthouse has three bedroom, two en suites, a central bathroom, a large open-plan living dining room; an al fresco terrace, perfect for entertaining guests,” not-Christian Bale says.

We then cut to that scene, complete with Hip to be Square by Huey Lewis and the News.

So how exactly does painting a potential new home as that of a psychopathic serial killer get a sale?

Well it got you clicking, didn’t it?

For Collings director Christian Gravias, all views are good views.

“A lot of people questioned why someone was getting murdered in the property, but it was tailor made for Facebook to create viral content,” Gravias told

“And viral content brings eyes to the property.”

It’s not the first video for the agency, which has also invoked the cinematic spirit of The Joker and James Bond.

Both of those properties sold no worries – and the Joker isn’t exactly the roommate of your dreams.